The HAMR Technique with Dave Nelms


The HAMR TechniqueRewire Your Own Brain! Free instructions for using the HAMR method and a powerful Module of Hammers that will change your life forever. Rapidly increase your confidence and self-esteem, liquidate mood swings, create closer relationships, etc. The Hammer is simple, speedy and good for a whole host of uses. It isn’t a cure-all by any stretch; but, once you’ve used it to your advantage you will never want to be without it again.

HAMR is a rapid change technique along the lines of NLP and Self Hypnosis. It was created based on an idea gleaned from some neurological research published in Scientific American. The system is comprised of two parts: a technique that spreads and reinforces positive new thoughts within your brain (the Hammer), and, a list of thoughts that are known to have great effect (The HAMR Module).

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