Neurosculpting® with Lisa Wimberger


Lisa Wimberger, Founder of the Neurosculpting® Institute

Lisa’s Personal Story: “I’ll be candid with you, it was born out of my own trauma and my own desperate need to heal. I was always a child predisposed to the freeze response. In moments of stress or fear we have three options: fight, flee and freeze. I seemed to like freeze, going quiet and feeling invisible when I was terrified. I’d stiffen and hold my breath during the scary parts of movies. Maybe you know the response. At 15 I was hit by lightening on my birthday and everything changed. That’s when the freeze response got amplified and became a life threat to my nervous system.

I began blacking out that summer, having no real control over when moments of unconsciousness would hit. Over the years the blackouts worsened so that during recovery it was all I could do to crawl to the bed or lay motionless for hours on the floor. I’d wake up in puddles wondering if I urinated myself. I had no answers and no diagnosis until I was in a routine doctor’s exam in my thirties…by then this condition had been hijacking me a few times a year for fifteen years. In that routine exam I had an episode. To my horrified surprise I woke up to a loaded needle of atropine poised at my heart and a scared doctor ready to plunge it in to give me a jolt to “resuscitate” as he told me.

Apparently, I had a seizure and I lost the ability to breath and had no pulse. All these years I had been having seizures and experiencing this. I was not epileptic, so the doctor told me there was nothing that could be done but to stay hydrated and manage my stress. The episodes worsened until the last two traumatic events caused me to commit to creating a meditation modality that would finally help me heal this strange and traumatic nervous system response. I had an episode in front of my daughter in a food court when she was three. She watched me seizure and flatline. She watched paramedics hover over me talking about the fact that I had no pulse. She, at three, was utterly left alone to watch her mother exit. That moment is a scar that continues to heal. The last episode I had in front of my husband was the most difficult one to come back from. I stopped breathing multiple times during recovery, simply too tired to do it on my own without his prompting. I knew I wasn’t coming back if it happened again.

Neurosculpting® IS the form of meditation I had to create to help me target an unknown trigger for this condition and rehearse a new script so I could circumvent another episode. It is the culmination of over thirty years of my meditation practice, honed by what neuroscience currently knows about how the brain maps. Neurosculpting® is the fusion of brain science and mindfulness so even the most insidious mental beliefs can be rewritten. I created this modality and process to save my life. It was out of necessity and love for my daughter and husband that I created this. Neurosculpting® is a nice catchy term, but it is NOT a fad or a trend. I don’t take it lightly, nor do I have any room for lip service. I spread these techniques from a platform of pure belief in their efficacy and healing power. I created this outside of dogma and institutional influence so that anyone from any belief system could benefit and find healing during their hardest times.

It has been my mission to help individuals find healthy ways to navigate the great unknown of spiritual, emotional and mental confusion and stress. We are the masters of our own mindscape. We are the creators of our perceptions and responses to the world. It is time for each of us to learn more about ourselves, to reveal and use our special gifts to paint a new picture.”

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