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Retrain your brain!Longtime Planet Thrive member and skeptic of brain retraining programs as a treatment approach for environmental illness, VisforVictory was recently the lucky recipient of a free DNRS program, gifted by TC, another Planet Thrive member. After years living in her car and in nature, V has been living in a home the past year, but has been challenged by mold in her living environment – as so many with chemical sensitivity are. She was at her wit’s end, with no energy or finances to relocate or better her situation. Destiny stepped in to intervene, as it often does, when she was chosen to receive a complimentary copy of Annie Hopper’s brain retraining program out of several other entries by TC, who wanted to “pay it forward” after recovering from a handful of conditions including MCS and PTSD, using the DNRS program himself. He was one of five former 9/11 First Responders from the Bay area now living in Nevada who had been cured by Annie Hopper’s program. As a group, they decided they would each pitch in enough money to buy five new DNRS DVDs and offer a free giveaway copy to a group of their choice. Planet Thrive was blessed to be chosen by TC as his group. Thank you, TC, for your generosity. You have completely transformed another person’s life – a life that has been marked by deep struggle and survival challenges, as documented for years in V’s Planet Thrive blog. As her own way of giving back, V made this wonderful testimonial video to inspire others to give brain retraining a chance. Congratulations, VisforVictory, we are so very happy for you!!

Hi Everyone! Just popping in to let people know how the Dynamic Neural Retraining Program is going. It has been a little over 30 days since starting and the results to date have been amazing. I am so excited that I recorded a video. I just can’t find the words to express my happiness and gratitude.

I hope you enjoy the video. I want to clarify some of the things I said. I am by no means discounting any of the other treatment programs out there. I am speaking strictly about my personal experience with the DNRS program. Do not mistake my enthusiasm for criticism.

I am still not on PT very much, so if I don’t get back to your right away it just means I haven’t looked at my page lately. I hope everyone has a Happy Thanksgiving and a Merry Christmas.

Here is Annie Hopper’s presentation to the AAEM conference that VisforVictory references in her video:

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