EmPath to Integration

Learn How to Seal Energy Leaks, Protect your Energy Body, and Honor your Sensitive Nature ~ at your own pace!

As a Highly Sensitive Being now thriving on my Life Path, I’m about to share with you my best kept secrets for protecting your energy and developing mastery over your empathic abilities so you can live your Soul Purpose with Joy, no longer held back by the overwhelm of modern life!


susiebeilerImagine a Life where you …


  • Quickly differentiate your own energy and emotions from someone else’s!
  • Identify your energy leaks and what/who is leaching your life force!
  • Set healthy boundaries with energy, people, environments, stressful situations and more!
  • Say Yes when you want to say yes, say No with confidence and clarity!
  • Stop carrying the energies of other people!
  • Utilize simple techniques for entering challenging environments, conversations and situations!
  • Transmute energy and emotion so you feel lighter!
  • Develop mastery of your sensitivities and empathic abilities!

Turn what may have felt like a burden your entire life into a SuperPower – honor your sensitive nature and step into the full potential of your Life!


Highly Sensitive People



It is estimated that 15-20 % of the population is highly sensitive and 2-3 % of the population are empaths … and a subset of those people are varying degrees of both.


How do I know if I’m Highly Sensitive, an Empath, or some combination of both?


Someone who has heightened sensory awareness and can be greatly affected by conditions in their environment. Those who are highly sensitive can learn to protect their energy using the invaluable tools I share in this e-course.


If you recognize yourself below, you may be a Highly Sensitive Person:


  • You feel your emotions and the emotions of others deeply;
  • You’ve been told that you are dramatic or overly emotional;
  • You tend to take things very personally;
  • You avoid groups and feel anxious in social situations;
  • You are sensitive to temperature, sound, light, electromagnetic fields, colors, energy and other stimuli in your environment;
  • You avoid violent or scary movies;
  • You cry easily and can be triggered to cry when others are crying;
  • You tend to be more polite and conscientious than your peers.


Someone who feels the emotions or physical conditions of others. Being an empath is like having clairsentient abilities; empaths pick up on energy. If you are an empath, you will learn how to channel your talents in this e-course.


Does this sound like you? If so, you may be an Empath:


  • People share easily with you and feel comfortable telling you intimate details about their life;
  • You can feel the emotions and aches and pains of loved ones on a physical level;
  • You feel calm and at peace when alone, but pick up certain energies and feelings when around others;
  • You are overwhelmed easily, especially when around others or in crowded spaces;
  • You pick up on non-verbal cues and seem to know more about a situation than what was verbally shared;
  • You have no idea why you feel something, and then you find out that someone close to you is experiencing something in life that causes that same emotional response.

Are you ready to experience life differently?

See what is possible when you are energetically grounded and protected!


When we feel centered and have clear boundaries, we act from a secure place. We are in our power. External conditions no longer wreak havoc on our emotions, our relationships and our physical bodies. Are you ready to step into your power and harness the gift of a Sensitive Nature?

For only $97, you will get:

  • lifetime access to 25 videos (2-15 minutes in length, each) that you can view 24/7 at your convenience and at your own pace;
  • foundational modules covering basic tools and techniques;
  • mastery modules that dive deeper into certain areas – such as navigating a sensitive digestive system, integrating soul aspects, and how to feel through the emotions that come up as you release what no longer serves you;
  • PDF downloads to help you implement all of the course material;
  • an online forum where you can ask questions as you go through the course material, and connect with other Highly Sensitive People (HSPs) and Empaths.


It would be my honor to guide you on this path of self empowerment and liberation from sensitivity overwhelm so that you can fully share your unique gifts with the world!

It is a critical time for empaths and sensitives to step into their power and unleash their collective gifts ~ please join me in this movement to bring balance to our world!

Step into your Power!

Finally someone is speaking to me! I have suffered in all the areas that you discuss in this course. THIS IS THE BEST COURSE I HAVE EVER PURCHASED! Thank you for ‘keeping it simple’ and ‘to the point’.

Sivakumar Nurani

I highly recommend this course to any Empath! Even as someone who has mastered many aspects of being an Empath, I found new ideas on how to integrate tools such as The Violet Flame in ways I had never considered. Very thorough and well put together! I LOVED this course and will be re-watching these videos. Thank you, Susie!

Lisa Darney

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