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Acupressure meridians

Why FasterEFT?

• faster and deeper changes
• simple to apply
• easily remembered to apply in daily experiences
• quickly transforms core issues related traumas and limited beliefs
• you do not have to say “Even though” to get powerful changes
• works with people who do not visualize well
• works with people who have no memories of an issue
• no searching for words to say when you tap
• you can do it mentally or physically because of the simple tapping process
• no long scripts to memorize
• FasterEFT creates ultimate forgiveness. You gain great wisdom and your life will become what you desire. – from

Whether you are experiencing a real exposure or merely conjuring one up in your mind (e.g. imagine yourself chained to a perfume counter, with opened bottles all around you), focus on how it makes you feel. Fear? Anxiety? You want to run away? Physical overreaction to a stimuli? Pick the worst negative feeling at a time. Rate it on a scale of 1-10 and notice where in your body you feel it. Then start tapping:

middle of eyes on forehead – This fear and/or overreaction to chemicals and/or smells, I let it go.

side of eye – It’s okay to let it go.

below eye – It’s safe to let it go.

collarbone – This overreaction had a purpose in the past, but that’s over now.

I’m okay now.

It’s me (my limbic system) doing this to me.
I forgive myself for doing this to me.
It’s safe to let this overreaction go.
I’m going to miss it.
It certainly kept me occupied for a long time.
What will I do now with all the free time and energy?
But I let it go.
I enjoy being healthy and resilient.
It’s safe to let it go.
I let it go.

hold wrist – Take a deep breath in, exhale and say “peace” (you can go into a peaceful memory here and really feel the peace).

Repeat as often as necessary.

When you are out in public you can use this technique by imagining you are tapping, and saying the words in your head. Your brain is smart enough to get the same benefit. I personally do find it more effective to tap physically but it still works when imagining the tapping.

The above “script” can be used as a guideline. You can add or subtract what you like, this is just what works for me.

I found it really helpful to dig deep into why my brain decided it needed to be hypersensitive in the first place, and then tapped on that. At the time of my initiation into the MCS club, I was being bombarded with sensitizing airborne stimuli. But I was also dealing with lots of scary stuff, like fresh memories from a personal case of pneumonia, dangerous reaction to antibiotics, and traumatic memories looking after my dying mother. Looking back with all that I’ve come to understand, I really believe that my brain’s fear centre got overloaded and ultimately concluded, “NOT SAFE!” The smells and chemicals represented the DANGER that I was being subjected to, and from this point on every time I was exposed to anything remotely similar to these chemicals, my amygdala ran the flight-or-fight program that wreaked havoc with my health. Doing all this tapping is replacing the old “NOT SAFE!” program with the “SAFE AND RELAX” program.


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