by Susan

Reclaiming my vibrational spaceWithin three days of reading T-Can’s posts (and implementing an organic, personalized training program of my own right on the spot) these are the changes I experienced:

1.  I’m not in this alone – not ever.  I have a powerful internal team of guides that fully support me (visualization is a beautiful, colorful tool for me) in this sweet, sweet work of growth and discovery.

I had identified with these guides for years but never have I felt this sense of dynamic, playful (so important), effective support.  This has been key!!

2.  I am always SAFE – always.  I am as safe as I ever was at my Grandma’s house (my safe place).  I can  go there anytime, anyplace and feel the experience of being there – emotion free, easy contentment, simple enjoyment.

3.  I immediately realized how often I experienced a fear response (it had become my default state of being) especially in relationship to exhaustion and any hint of expectation e.g., that I might have to do ANYTHING aside from being still on the couch.  I can interrupt the fear response!!

I could easily identify the response and would apply my version of “Stop, Stop” which is “Hey….Ain’t that funky now”.  Humor is a must for me.  Once interrupted with humor I use the Sedona Method (asking “Would I let this go?”  then “Can I let this go?” and “When?”).  This left me with only the physical symptoms of stress which I identify (tightness in chest, etc.) and stay with until I can release.

By day three I was catching myself in fear response 100% of the time which is AMAZING!

4.  I CHOOSE relaxation time – laying in the sun, movies when needed, knitting, personal growth.  Or…Yay!  I GET to watch Netflix, and lay in the sun and knit.  Yeeha, everyday can be a Sunday!

5.  I ACCEPT the challenge of healing – this is my path.  It’s expansive, growth-filled, heart-opening.  It’s authentic work.  On May 23, 2012 I opened to this process and embraced the awesome potential of enthusiastically embarking on this journey toward health.

6.  My body has very real, specific needs.  I choose to clearly advocate for my body.  No shame.  No apologies.

7.  I RECLAIM my  vibrational space NOW!  I am the energy of Ananda, green smoothies, yoga, cleansing, dance, erotic play, Yuba River, alpine lakes.

Not bad for three days work, huh?

photo: © Yuri Arcurs |
SusanSusan lives, laughs and plays in the coastal fog belt of Northern California.