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Tapping for Red Ear SyndromeBefore starting you’ll need:

• A knowledge of EFT;
• An understanding of how EFT works (a must see);
• A quiet, undisturbed place, for approximately 30 minutes twice daily;
• Persistence, patience and a tolerance for repetition.

What this free program provides:

• A 3 tier tapping routine which lets you vent and gives your mind direction;
• A short tapping routine which lets you see that you have control over RES;
• A phrase which tells your mind why it’s time for change;
• Links to non-lyrical music which complement this program.

Getting started:

• Before each session drink a glass of water.
• While tapping, listen to this non-lyrical music using ear buds.
• Make sure to glance at the accompanying images while reading.
• Read out loud with conviction (e.g., hopeful, happy, sad, mad).
• Remember to fully exhale between rounds as well as pay attention to any tension in your body.
• Repeat the entire Red Ear script including the Reward Sequence, 3 times in a row 2 times a day.
Hot Ear Tapping Script 1
Hot Ear Tapping Script 2
Hot Ear Tapping Script 3
Reward Sequence
Time to relax:

• Once you’ve finished tapping, listen to this Brain Hemisphere Synchronization Brainwave Meditation.
• Breathe in a comfortable yet controlled manner:
• Breathe in deeply through your nose, release through your mouth. Breathe out all the air.
• Repeat as needed until you feel your entire body relax. Allow tension to drain away with your breaths.
• Once the meditation music is finished, take a few moments to experience how your mind and body feel. At your own pace and in your own way stretch and look around so that you’ll be fully alert and ready to continue with your day.

Fight/Flight and Mind Chatter

Along with learning to control your RES the goal of this program is to point your mind towards more normalized reward based behaviour. Gaining control over your RES symptoms will eventually reduce the excessive dopaminergic activity your brain has become accustomed to experiencing. Because of this, after a week or two of re-training, your brain could start “feeding” you some disturbing, upsetting or unusual images or thoughts. If this happens nip these things in the bud, don’t let them linger in your mind and don’t try to analyze what they mean. Inwardly shout “NO!” or “STOP!” every time one comes into your head. Say “this is NOT real!.”  Distract your mind by snapping an elastic band kept around your wrist or by imagining that you’re pointing a fireman’s hose at the image while inwardly shouting NO! or STOP! Following this technique will direct your mind away from these artificially induced sensations of fear, anger, grief or distress. When the images or thoughts you’re experiencing stop, remember to say “Good Work, Well Done.” This is not a permanent thing so just work through it until it stops happening.

…any reactions you’re getting, you need to keep up the retraining techniques and be patient, and they will go over time in my experience.” Ashok Gupta

Resistance to Change

If, after a month you’ve seen no results or you feel any changes you’ve experienced are happening too slowly I highly recommend using this tapping script for Resistance to Change. Make it as personal as you can with regards to having hot, red ears. Pay particular attention to any emotions you feel while tapping. If some small thing pops into your head say it out loud then continue tapping through the text. If you feel anxious, sad or any other emotion at any point while tapping finish the script then repeat it again until whatever feeling you’ve experienced goes away. You may need to return to this script a few days in a row before you no longer evoke a stress producing reaction.
How long before you notice results:

The time it takes to notice results varies from person to person. For some it might happen quickly while for others it will be a lengthy process. Some improvement may be noticed in a fairly short period of time – about 6 to 8 weeks.

It took me 3 months but that might not be a fair example of the time required since I was developing the program and doing research on this subject at the same time as trying to control my RES.

If your RES should flare up again after completing this program, you can always go back to using the Reward Sequence and Re-Enforcement statement. Don’t let it discourage you if you have to do this. The goal is to get your RES under control, not to see how quickly you can finish the program.

Old habits and negative behaviors have had long practice. They’re like well-worn tracks in the jungle. It’s easier to follow old trails than it is to hack a new track in a different direction…As you hack a new trail through the jungle of your mind, it will become clearer and clearer and the old path will become overgrown and disused.”

My Results:

I noticed changes the first day I started tapping but it wasn’t until after I used the Resistance to Change script and I’d finished developing the program that I experienced the most dramatic results. After that, the time it took to reverse any responses and the time an episode lasted were both reduced. More times than not, my ear would turn cool on its own rather than hot and red.

60 days into the program I was able to reverse both the effects of hotness and redness by using the Reward Sequence. I found that running through the tapping points saying “I Have Control, Stop Now” multiple times while looking in a mirror brought my ear back to normal. When I got positive results I looked directly into the mirror and said “Good Work, Well Done.” Unlike weeks earlier my ear now only turned hot and red every few days and once normalized it didn’t try changing again for another few days.

At this point I stopped tapping twice a day. I did however find that tapping through the program once a day helped keep me focused on my goal.

Discreet Tapping

By the 70th dayno longer needed to look in a mirror when using the Reward Sequence. All I needed to do was visualize the tapping points while repeating internally “I Have Control, Stop Now.” Depending on how long my ear had been hot and red the number of repetitions was as few as one round of tapping or as many as five rounds. Bringing my hot, red ear back to normal usually took less than a minute. The length of time it took for my ear to return to normal after it had been hot and red for more than 30 minutes ranged anywhere from 10-30 minutes. Once back to normal I always internally verbalized “Good Work, Well Done.”

After 90 days I felt as though my RES was sufficiently under control that I no longer needed to use the tapping portion of this program.  I used the Reward Sequence a few times when I felt my as though my ear might turn due to certain situations thereby keeping it normal in appearance. Throughout the day I touched the ear which typically turned hot and red (while it was normal) and said “Good Work, Well Done.”

100 days after beginning my journey of healing I feel confident that I have a level of control over my emotions which I’ve never experienced before and, by extension, control over my RES. I’m sure I’ll have some ups and downs until my mind gets used to the new me, but, with that said, I look forward with confidence to experiencing what the future holds.

Because the amygdala is still sensitive for around a year after a full recovery, excessive stress can trigger minor dips, so moderating personality traits that cause a person stress is important.” Ashok Gupta

What I’ve presented is my personal story. Since I’m the only person to have tried it at the time of this posting any universal qualities this method of tapping contains will only become evident as those using it comment on the results they experience. Any anecdotal evidence derived from these stories, not studies, is all that can be offered. Only time will tell if this multi-sensory approach simply controls RES or if ultimately presents itself as a cure for this syndrome. One thing is for certain though; the symptoms of RES can be dramatically reduced without the aid of medication or surgery.

Note: This program doesn’t take into account any accompanying pain related to RES nor does it address any special considerations when dealing with children who have this syndrome. If your ear(s) turns red due to something physical rather than emotional I don’t know if this program will help.

Keep notes of any tail-enders popping into your head while tapping. Reassure yourself that you’ll address these issues at a later date so that you have no need to focus on anything other than what you’re concentrating on at the moment. You can easily find free online tapping scripts and YouTube EFT videos pertinent to your own noted issues.

Remember, if you have a serious health issue, use brain retraining or any other self-help technique with common sense. Check with your personal physician or counsellor before beginning any brain retraining or discontinuing any treatments or medications.

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Kath first shared her MCS recovery story in the now defunct Dtox Radio community, and later on this website. She finds great enjoyment in tending her backyard garden; she and her husband always look forward to eating the fresh, organic vegetables and fruits which it offers.