by Julie

Diana Rose KottleDiana Rose Kottle was a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and self-described highly sensitive person (HSP). She healed herself of severe environmental sensitivities using Total Body Modification (TBM), Matrix Energetics, Faster EFT and related modalities. She is now a Matrix Energetics Certified Practitioner, Faster EFT Certified Practitioner and Life & Wellness Coach who guides others using the skill set she learned throughout her own recovery. Diana suffered from almost all the syndromes associated with biotoxin illness and chemical injury: lyme disease, mold illness, chronic fatigue syndrome, chemical sensitivity, electromagnetic sensitivity, vibration and sound sensitivity – you name it, she had it. Her recovery is truly remarkable. She now considers herself to be 97% healed, and has the freedom to travel, attend workshops all over the country, and live the life that she dreamed of.

Diana shares her experience with Faster EFT on the below two videos. I am also posting some of her own instructional videos for how to tap on specific issues. Thank you for sharing your story and your technique so freely, Diana!

Interview with Diana during Faster EFT workshop:

Interview with Diana after she completed Faster EFT Level II:

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