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Healing from MCS

Annie Hopper’s Dynamic Neural Retraining System™ (DNRS™)
Linda Worthington’s Recovery (Woman disabled by MCS/EHS/CFS in her 70’s.)

Gupta Amygdala Retraining™ Program
Linda Worthington’s Recovery (Woman disabled by MCS/EHS/CFS in her 70’s.)
Jenny’s Story (ME/CFS for 4 years)
MCS Amygdala Retraining (in German language)


Reverend Wright’s Be in Health Program
A Christian program being used by some with chemical sensitivity and other conditions with success, based on the belief that many diseases are the result of separation between God, yourself and others. The program helps you identify and resolve spiritual roots of disease. Some of the issues they help you deal with are fear, stress, guilt, self-hatred and rejection. They claim that these feelings negatively impact the body, soul and spirit, thus causing disease. It has been theorized by some in the brain retraining community familiar with the program that although spiritual in nature, the Be In Health approach may work through similar mechanisms – by calming the amygdala and retraining the brain to function via healthier neuronal pathways. For this reason, we include this program here, as a more spiritual approach may resonate for some people and we have heard many anecdotal testimonies of recovery from chemical sensitivity through this program.
Website | Recommended Book | Video Testimonials

Modalities that people with environmentally based illnesses like chemical sensitivity, chronic fatigue syndrome and fibromyalgia are using in conjunction with brain retraining programs to assist with their healing:

Buteyko Breathing Method
A natural approach to healing respiratory and other ailments based on the premise that many people in the western world breathe too much (chronic hyperventilation) due to our modern lifestyles. Typical characteristics of an over-breather include mouth breathing, regular sighing, large breaths prior to talking, breathing loud during rest, etc. Overbreathing creates disturbances in the ratio of oxygen to carbon dioxide and other gases that are distributed to organs and tissues in the body, and can cause a variety of health symptoms including asthma, fatigue, anxiety, and depression. The Buteyko breathing exercises focus on reducing breath volume over time. Some people with chemical sensitivity are sharing that these breathing exercises have helped them with sleep problems, fatigue, food intolerances, chemical sensitivity, OCD thought patterns, and an overall calming of brain activity. You can purchase a variety of mp3 downloads, DVDs, CDs, and/or books from the below links or work with a private coach to learn the process.
Buteyko Clinic | Buteyko Center USA | $16 Mp3 Download | Recommended Book
Video Demonstrations
Patrick McKeown’s DVD Program
Online Stopwatch Helpful tool for measuring your control pause and for practicing some of the breathing exercises.
Online Metronome Helpful tool for practicing some of the breathing exercises.
Planet Thrive Support Group For those with reactive airway disease (RADS), asthma, sleep apnea, allergies, chemical sensitivity, chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia and related conditions who are practicing the Buteyko Breathing Method either alone or in conjunction with the Gupta Amygdala Retraining™ Program.

Private Coaches Practitioners trained in the Buteyko Breathing Method: National Listing |International Listing, tel: 520.325.9775

Based in Arizona, Robert offers classes, workshops and private sessions throughout the US and internationally through his practice The Breathable Body.

Robert Litman

Buteyko Coach, The Breathable Body

Author of Close Your Mouth and Asthma Free Naturally offers a special 4-session Skype lesson package for $250. The program includes four (1) hour consultations by Skype, download of complete instruction manual, download of online DVD to view before practical Skype sessions.

Patrick McKeown

Buteyko Coach, Buteyko Clinic

The Buteyko Method radically improved Emily’s life with asthma, and now she offers online consultations and workshops as well as private instruction in her Santa Fe, New Mexico office. She studied with Robert Littman in Tucson AZ, and was certified under the tutelage of Patrick McKeown through Buteyko Clinic USA. Emily is a member of the Buteyko Breathing Educators Association and is also a Certified Health Counselor.

Emily Kimball

Buteyko Coach, USA Buteyko

Donna Eden Energy Work
Your body is incredibly intelligent, teaches Donna Eden. If you guide it correctly, it will begin to vitalize and heal itself almost immediately. This acclaimed healer and energy medicine expert invites you to learn the unspoken language of your body to boost your energy levels, address many specific health problems, and foster overall health. Her teachings combine simple movements, pressure point massage, and breathwork to create a reservoir of vital life force that you can draw upon throughout the day to strengthen your immune system, alleviate fatigue and chronic pain, focus and sharpen your mind, stabilize your emotional energies, and much more.
Website | Recommended Book | Video Demonstrations

Planet Thrive Support Group An energy work support group for people recovering from chronic environmentally based illnesses who are exploring Donna Eden’s Energy Medicine, Touch For Health, EFT, TAT and other Meridian Tapping Techniques, and more.