Recovery Stories

My DIY brain retraining visualizations for MCS

by Sia Alexander | I saw myself being filled with Christ Light as the pure, clear elements of the Divine were breathed in through my nostrils and up my nasal passages, into the back of my throat, up to my brain and down throughout my entire body... read more

Limbic Recovery Foundation formed by DNRS graduate

A graduate of the DNRS™ program has founded the Limbic Recovery Foundation to lead the fight to cure and treat limbic system disorders like chemical and electromagnetic sensitivity, chronic fatigue syndrome, and fibromyalgia. read more

New study: hypersensitivity at root of CFS, FMS

Cort Johnson writes about a new study by VB Wyller exploring the relationship between autonomic cardiovascular control, the case definition from the CDC, important clinical symptoms, and disability in adolescent chronic fatigue syndrome. read more

I believe MCS was a form of PTSD, at least for me

by T-Can | When my friend shared with me her MCS recovery, she said to me, "I don't believe it is a coincidence that you have gotten MCS while you are still grieving." It didn't make sense to me then ...but now I believe she was correct. My MCS was a PTSD response. read more

A highly sensitive person (HSP) uses Faster EFT

Diana Rose Kottle, self-described highly sensitive person (HSP), healed herself of severe environmental sensitivities using Faster EFT and now coaches others using the skill set she learned throughout her own recovery. read more

Faster EFT script for MCS

Planet Thrive blogger T-Can discovers a highly effective, faster version of EFT. He shares how he adapted the basic EFT script for chemical sensitivity. read more

Brain retraining success stories

Get inspired by this list of those who have publicly shared about their success using brain retraining and related modalities to heal their chemical sensitivity and other limbic system impairment syndromes. read more