Have you overlooked a critical piece of the puzzle? 

 an underlying neurological component behind chemical sensitivity and related conditions 

Diet, supplements and a non-toxic lifestyle are a critical foundation for health - but they may only go so far.


 How many years are you willing to lose chasing nutritional fixes that never amount to much? 

Brain Retraining is a Breakthrough in Healing

for people challenged by chronic environmental illnesses

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A highly sensitive person (HSP) uses Faster EFT

Diana Rose Kottle, self-described highly sensitive person (HSP), healed herself of severe environmental sensitivities using Faster EFT and now coaches others using the skill set she learned throughout her own recovery.

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Faster EFT script for MCS

Planet Thrive blogger T-Can discovers a highly effective, faster version of EFT. He shares how he adapted the basic EFT script for chemical sensitivity.

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Brain retraining success stories

Get inspired by this list of those who have publicly shared about their success using brain retraining and related modalities to heal their chemical sensitivity and other limbic system impairment syndromes.

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(Neuro Proteins and Fats + Somatic Release Therapy) - Primary Environmental Triggers = Neuroplasticity Super Hero Powers

boost your brain health to maximize your brain retraining practice - we'll show you how!


Brain retraining has transformed my world. I used a combination of the Gupta Amygdala Retraining™ Programme, the Dynamic Neural Retraining System™, the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) and FasterEFT. I worked with Frances Goodall (a certified Gupta and EFT coach), EFT coach Lisa Snow, and FasterEFT coach Diana Kottle (before she developed The Kottle Code®) at various times over several years. Because I was running Planet Thrive and immersed in the MCS world for many years, it took me longer to see improvements than someone who was 100% dedicated to doing the programs. I eventually discovered by chance that I had to completely abstain from computer (EMF) use for 2 weeks before brain retraining was effective in any real way on my brain. After this, my brain plasticity significantly increased and I had huge breakthroughs after sustained effort and focus on the exercises hour after hour, day after day. Within two weeks, I was finally able to use some bedding and wear more clothing after years of sleeping on the floor or a chair with no padding or covering. I could buy clothes that reflected my personal style, with colors and patterns, after many years of monotone outfits, mostly undyed. I could tolerate clothing after 1 or 2 washings instead of the 15+ hours of boiling and washing clothing over and over. After these initial improvements, I stepped away from the regimented nature of these programs and used real life to retrain my brain, moving out of the safety of the MCS neighborhood in Snowflake, Arizona that I was living in and to a more populated area where I could access medical care and culture. The improvements kept coming. I now sleep on a bed with warm covers, have a full and colorful wardrobe, and have much more of a “life” than I did the past 15 years. Do not give up!

Julie Genser

founder, PlanetThrive.com + LimbicRetraining.com

Mast Cell Disorders, Genetic Methylation Cycle Polymorphisms, Mold Illness, Lyme Disease and more ... healing from an associated hypersensitivity syndrome is possible no matter what your diagnosis or label!

if thousands of others with these diagnoses have already done it, so can you.


 Freedom will never taste this good. 

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