My powerful realizations after 3 days of brain retraining

by Susan

Reclaiming my vibrational spaceWithin three days of reading T-Can’s posts (and implementing an organic, personalized training program of my own right on the spot) these are the changes I experienced:

1.  I’m not in this alone – not ever.  I have a powerful internal team of guides that fully support me (visualization is a beautiful, colorful tool for me) in this sweet, sweet work of growth and discovery.

I had identified with these guides for years but never have I felt this sense of dynamic, playful (so important), effective support.  This has been key!!

2.  I am always SAFE – always.  I am as safe as I ever was at my Grandma’s house (my safe place).  I can  go there anytime, anyplace and feel the experience of being there – emotion free, easy contentment, simple enjoyment.

3.  I immediately realized how often I experienced a fear response (it had become my default state of being) especially in relationship to exhaustion and any hint of expectation e.g., that I might have to do ANYTHING aside from being still on the couch.  I can interrupt the fear response!!

I could easily identify the response and would apply my version of “Stop, Stop” which is “Hey….Ain’t that funky now”.  Humor is a must for me.  Once interrupted with humor I use the Sedona Method (asking “Would I let this go?”  then “Can I let this go?” and “When?”).  This left me with only the physical symptoms of stress which I identify (tightness in chest, etc.) and stay with until I can release.

By day three I was catching myself in fear response 100% of the time which is AMAZING!

4.  I CHOOSE relaxation time – laying in the sun, movies when needed, knitting, personal growth.  Or…Yay!  I GET to watch Netflix, and lay in the sun and knit.  Yeeha, everyday can be a Sunday!

5.  I ACCEPT the challenge of healing – this is my path.  It’s expansive, growth-filled, heart-opening.  It’s authentic work.  On May 23, 2012 I opened to this process and embraced the awesome potential of enthusiastically embarking on this journey toward health.

6.  My body has very real, specific needs.  I choose to clearly advocate for my body.  No shame.  No apologies.

7.  I RECLAIM my  vibrational space NOW!  I am the energy of Ananda, green smoothies, yoga, cleansing, dance, erotic play, Yuba River, alpine lakes.

Not bad for three days work, huh?

photo: © Yuri Arcurs |
SusanSusan lives, laughs and plays in the coastal fog belt of Northern California.

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  1. Good Luck on your New Journey♥

  2. Susan, congrats on your fearless journey toward healing!

    I’ve been practising various brain retraining modalities and I, too, was (and am still at times) a bit astonished how deeply I’ve been stuck in a trauma/fear response in most areas of my life.

    The journey keeps getting better, keep it up! Annie Hopper has likened to the process to the peeling of an onion, you keep getting to deeper levels of healing as time progresses. It hasn’t been linear but it’s been most rewarding. Most recently I’ve been using FasterEFT, not only as my main retraining exercise, but also being diligent about tapping the crap out of past trauma and negative thought patterns related to unresolved trauma.

    And now, pretty much everyday I am in awe of how free and peaceful I can be–I never knew it was possible! One of the phrases I often use in my fasterEFT training is along the lines of, “I used to be really good at feeling bad, but now I am getting really good at feeling good.”

    Wish you the best!

  3. T-Can – I don’t know if you’ll ever find your way back to this post and this reply, but I just re-read your comment and want to say THANK YOU! You are my most inspirational source for healing. You have made, what sounds like, a solid leap into a new vibrational base-line state. I keep losing my way and find myself vibrating in fear/confusion. Fear and anxiety are going to happen for now due to going on’s in my body – but I see that sometimes I can step back and impartially observe the fear/anxiety.

    I can’t always do this. This is where Annie’s instance on daily commitment is so important – improving one’s skills at creating new neuronal pathways so they become second nature – the new default state.

    Thank you for your continued sharing. It makes a difference in this one life. :)

  4. Susan, I realize that it has been quite a while since you wrote this ~ yet the essence of what is shared is *creativity* and making the process personal for yourself.

    I celebrate your ability to feel how loved and safe you are, and to find ways of speaking to yourself with respect and lightness.

    Grateful ~ bright blessings beyond any sense of “time” ~


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