Would you recommend brain retraining to others?Respondents from our recent brain retraining survey shared whether they would recommend the program to someone else. Interestingly, almost all respondents said yes, even those who were not happy with their own results — they still saw the potential benefit of trying a brain retraining program to help heal a limbic system impairment syndrome like multiple chemical sensitivity (MCS). For various reasons, one program might not be best suited to a given person and they may have to explore a bit to find the right program for their circumstances and their brain, but the overall approach makes sense.

QUESTION: Would you recommend the program you did to others with MCS and related limbic system impairment syndromes?


Without a doubt, I would recommend DNRS to everyone and anyone who is suffering because it works. You don’t have to be sick any longer. It’s so hard getting help but I did — thanks to Annie Hopper, I got my life back! – Bunny, Washington (DNRS for MCS)

Absolutely! – Ellen, Arizona (DNRS for MCS, EHS)

Without question or doubt, this IS the BEST solution to those suffering from those (and other) problems. Ashok Gupta should be awarded a prize and recognized by the world for what he has created, applied and shared with the world. – Paul, New York (Gupta for EHS, MCS)

Absolutely. I also recommend it to mold people even though it might not be the full solution for them. I did actively start promoting the program in the Mold Avoider’s FB group, which I used to spend all my time on. But I was accused of working for DNRS and trying to prey upon them. It totally sucked since DNRS was the one single thing that had a major impact on my condition. – Sarah, Oregon (DNRS for MCS, mold)

Yes, but you have to be willing to fully commit to it and do whatever additional research will help you understand how the process is supposed to work. I found DNRS simpler and the Gupta program too complicated; however, someone with CFS might find it more challenging to adapt DNRS to CFS. – Lina, Arizona (Gupta + now DNRS for CFS, chronic lyme)

Try it and see. I know it works. I had success. But you may, after a while, want to do what I have by integrating personally meaningful practices into the retraining. There is no shame in personalizing it. You don’t have to do whatever retraining program you are on 100% by the book. That is the perfectionist POP. – Patrick, California (DNRS for EHS, lymphedema)

100% – Tonya, Florida (DNRS for MCS)

Absolutely. In fact, to some extent, I’d just recommend it to anyone with a brain–in that I feel it gave me a MUCH better idea of how the brain works, and how keep mine working well, and just…how to interpret much of life.  It also helped me let go of self-recrimination, as I began to understand better how these patterns develop (i.e., they develop not through the fault — or lack of character, or psychological weakness — of the person, but as a natural consequence of how the brain is wired to deal with various kinds of adversity).  It’s just wonderful that there is now a sure-fire, do-able way to unwind some of the unhelpful knots that the brain can — in the natural course of trying to protect the organism — tie itself into! – Leslie, Oregon (DNRS for MCS)

Yes, under the conditions that the person does not have depression and has a doctor or counselor to help with issues. Understanding the role of the amygdala and the conditioned responses is important and I do think it will help everyone who has gone into that turned on state. – Cheryl, Tucson (Gupta for MCS)

Yes I would. It’s the only thing that ever helped and I tried some expensive therapies. I tried everything. – Robin, New Mexico (Gupta + DNRS for MCS)

Maybe. I would say Gupta, because the DVDs are just relaxing to watch. And they give you hope and a format to follow that will probably help because it decreases worry and incorporates meditation, not focusing on the MCS, and positive thinking. Also, it’s the BEST THING OUT THERE. (Doesn’t mean it works well or for the reasons it claims). Many other “therapies” are so far out there and can cause serious harm. – Julie, California (DNRS + Gupta for MCS)

Yes, with a caveat that it will work 100% for some but may not for others like myself who have had it for over 20 years. It will help manage the problem regardless and I recommend it. – Steve, British Columbia, Canada (DNRS for MCS)

Yes, I have recommended it to others. I find that others with CFS often aren’t very open to it. They usually focus more on supplements and doctors. – Linda, Illinois (Gupta for CFS)

I would recommend Gupta in its ‘original’ form as per the DVD’s, but I didn’t like the way it seemed to be drifting into a more ‘psychological’ program. – Peter, Spain (Gupta + DNRS for EHS)

Yes, definitely. – Jeff, Texas (DNRS, then Gupta + Psych-K for MCS)

For sure even though I didn’t really get into them that strongly and moved onto trauma stuff. Given how many people get benefits from them it would not be wise to dismiss them. I would just mention they also might want to look into a bigger picture of trauma healing especially if they had a really bad childhood. I tell people who ask about FasterEFT now that I believe that given in such a bad place I was the program was very helpful because before I didn’t really know anyway to deal with my traumas and emotions, so turning towards them in some way was really helpful. Overall though I think the FasterEFT process they teach and how it is taught is not entirely healthy and the reason it still helped was I was previously in an even more unhealthy place. Someone needs the ability to recognize that the program isn’t perfect and not treat every experience as something to bad tapped away and be able to question what parts of what is being taught aren’t for them. – Radfaraf (FasterEFT for MCS, EHS, CPTSD)

I highly recommend Gupta, but I have many criticisms about DNRS. People with major trauma are much better candidates for Gupta, in my opinion. That said, there are still parts of DNRS that I incorporate into my life. – Jeny, Texas (Gupta + DNRS for MCS, CFS, FMS, EHS, mold

I have recommended it to others despite my lack of major transformation in my health status and MCS specifically. I think most people with chronic illness would benefit from learning these techniques. – Amelia, South Australia (Gupta + DNRS for MCS, CFS/ME, EHS, mold)

Definitely! Heather, Wisconsin (DNRS for MCS)

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