My DIY brain retraining visualizations for MCS

by Sia Alexander republished from Sia's blog Heal Love Now with permission Brain Retraining is a new healing paradigm based on the science of brain elasticity. In this model, it is understood that the pathways created in the brain, through experience and learning, are not set in stone, so to speak, and are as malleable as grooves in clay - waiting to be shaped and molded according to our best intentions. The key to retraining ones brain is to create as many strong impressions, through imagination, physical movements and verbal cues, as possible in order to re-orient negative, unhealthy neural impulses into more positive, life-sustaining patterns. In my instance, I wanted to practice rewiring my brain on issues of health and vibrancy as a means to alleviate multiple chemical sensitivities. Armed with some insight garnered from Ashok Gupta's Amygdala Retraining™ free videos and some inspiration from...

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Attack FasterEFT like an athlete

Attack FasterEFT like an athleteby BernieB republished from BernieB's Planet Thrive blog with permission I had such good success with working with T-Can and Joey using FasterEFT for chemical sensitivity that when I had a major flare up two weeks ago with our new refurbished laptop, it really threw me for a loop. I tried not to be depressed, however I was quite disappointed. The guys will know what I am talking about as I was always so impatient just wanting to feel and get better. Every little setback was so annoying because it just felt so good to feel better. However, the whole laptop nasty business was quite a bigger problem. Previous to working with anyone, I tapped only when I started to feel sick. I would tap for 20 minutes and within an hour would start feeling relief. Over the summer when I asked T-Can how long I should tap for each day,...

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My success story: Surviving MCS with FasterEFT

EFT "karate chop" pointby BernieB republished from BernieB's Planet Thrive blog with permission Well, this is exciting!! My very first blog post anywhere. Thank you Planet Thrive for the forum and opportunity. My name is Bernie and I found this site one night while I was very sick at around 2:30 in the morning in May 2013. I was very desperate, I had already known a bit about MCS, as I had been sick with it since January 2013. Now that I look back on it, it actually started about two and a half years previously, but was just more of an annoyance than anything else. I arrived here through Google, as I was trying to find out how to get better. I was so sick, I do not need to go into the details, those that utilize this site will l know what I am talking about. What was really scaring me was I really did think...

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Limbic Recovery Foundation formed by DNRS graduate

Limbic Recovery Foundation, Julie Genser
Exciting news! The Limbic Recovery Foundation (“LRF”) has been formed to focus on the recovery and prevention of Limbic System Disorders, including multiple chemical sensitivity (MCS), chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS), fibromyalgia (FMS) and electromagnetic sensitivity (ES). LRF was founded by a neuroscientist and graduate of the Dynamic Neural Retraining System™ (DNRS™) who recovered from severe chemical sensitivities through neural retraining and wanted to give back in this powerful way. The mission of LRF is to lead the fight to cure and treat limbic system disorders through cutting-edge research and to empower patients with Limbic System Disorders to live fuller lives by providing compassionate care and support to patients and their caregivers. They will carry out this mission via four primary activities: 1. Research – fund scientific research grants to doctors/scientists aimed at identifying the underlying causes and potential cures for Limbic System Disorders; 2. Public and Professional Education - develop awareness and...

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Leaving MCSville: Using real life to retrain my brain

by Julie GenserChange happens when the pain of staying the same is greater than the pain of change.” ― Tony Robbins The time had come for me to leave. I moved to the chemically sensitive neighborhood in rural Snowflake, Arizona in June 2008 for a four month trial period and stayed almost five years. The community had provided solace and refuge for me when most other neighborhoods in the U.S. had been tortuous due to my severe chemical and electrical sensitivities. I found a low-EMF, chemical free warehouse-like home built for my sensitivities with high ceilings, a concrete floor, and foiled walls on 40 acres. The space was full of light and incredible rolling views, and its Williamsburg industrial loft aesthetic reminded me of my NYC roots. I felt like a very lucky girl. But over time, as I slowly healed and my opportunities for life expanded ever so subtly, the chemical free open loft...

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New study: hypersensitivity at root of CFS, FMS

Instead of taking the mean, Wyller went to the edges, and found something that could help redefine this Cort Johnson of Health Rising

CDC Definition Whacked: Study Suggests New Interpretation for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (ME/CFS)

In Wyller’s eyes chronic fatigue syndrome is not a ‘chronic fatigue’ disorder; it’s an autonomic nervous system disorder. Wyller has been studying ME/CFS for about five years; he knows the vast array of symptoms present in this disease and one gets the feeling he’s more than a little tweaked at the overwhelming focus on fatigue. As well he should… this disorder is, after all, very, very good at producing all sorts of symptoms; why bury all that richness under one symptom? Once fatigue was put in the name it was inevitable that that symptom took central stage but that doesn’t mean other symptoms won’t end up being more important. Wyller’s results indicate you never know what’s going to pop out in a study..and how it might redefine what you’re studying.

A New Focus: the More Severely Ill

In this study Wyller set out to...

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I believe MCS was a form of PTSD, at least for me

by T-Can republished from T-Can’s Planet Thrive blog with permission I remember when I was in the thick of hypersensitivity with MCS, almost everything man-made set me off with some level of reaction. Heavy perfumes and cleaning chemicals are one thing--even when I didn't have MCS I found some of those products unpleasant, sometimes leaving me with common-cold-like symptoms or itching. With MCS, however, even my office colleague chomping on an innocent stick of gum would spark a splitting headache and brain fog. One day last spring (before I realized that chewing gum had become off-limits for me) I purchased a pack of orange-flavoured gum. I had put it in my jacket pocket and forgotten about it while working at my desk. All day long I was battling headaches. My face and lips were burning to the point of numbness, my eyesight was blurred, and I kept smelling a strong, most horrible chemical scent. Later that...

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A highly sensitive person (HSP) uses Faster EFT

by Julie Diana Rose Kottle was a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and self-described highly sensitive person (HSP). She healed herself of severe environmental sensitivities using Total Body Modification (TBM), Matrix Energetics, Faster EFT and related modalities. She is now a Matrix Energetics Certified Practitioner, Faster EFT Certified Practitioner and Life & Wellness Coach who guides others using the skill set she learned throughout her own recovery. Diana suffered from almost all the syndromes associated with biotoxin illness and chemical injury: lyme disease, mold illness, chronic fatigue syndrome, chemical sensitivity, electromagnetic sensitivity, vibration and sound sensitivity - you name it, she had it. Her recovery is truly remarkable. She now considers herself to be 97% healed, and has the freedom to travel, attend workshops all over the country, and live the life that she dreamed of. Diana shares her experience with Faster EFT on the below two videos. I am also...

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My powerful realizations after 3 days of brain retraining

Reclaiming my vibrational spaceby Susan Within three days of reading T-Can's posts (and implementing an organic, personalized training program of my own right on the spot) these are the changes I experienced: 1.  I'm not in this alone - not ever.  I have a powerful internal team of guides that fully support me (visualization is a beautiful, colorful tool for me) in this sweet, sweet work of growth and discovery. I had identified with these guides for years but never have I felt this sense of dynamic, playful (so important), effective support.  This has been key!! 2.  I am always SAFE - always.  I am as safe as I ever was at my Grandma's house (my safe place).  I can  go there anytime, anyplace and feel the experience of being there - emotion free, easy contentment, simple enjoyment. 3.  I immediately realized how often I experienced a fear response (it had become my default state of being) especially in relationship to...

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Faster EFT script for MCS

by T-Can main text republished from T-Can’s Planet Thrive blog with permission
Why FasterEFT?
• faster and deeper changes • simple to apply • easily remembered to apply in daily experiences • quickly transforms core issues related traumas and limited beliefs • you do not have to say “Even though” to get powerful changes • works with people who do not visualize well • works with people who have no memories of an issue • no searching for words to say when you tap • you can do it mentally or physically because of the simple tapping process • no long scripts to memorize • FasterEFT creates ultimate forgiveness. You gain great wisdom and your life will become what you desire. - from Whether you are experiencing a real exposure or merely conjuring one up in your mind (e.g. imagine yourself chained to a perfume counter, with opened bottles all around you), focus on how it makes you feel. Fear? Anxiety? You want...

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